COMtrac technology presentation set for European law enforcement agencies.

1 December 2013

Interpol – Environmental Crime Division

In January 2014, Investigation Management Australia travels to France to present COMtrac to the Environmental Crime division of Interpol. Environmental crime is a serious and growing international problem that crosses international boundaries. In November 2013 IMA representatives met with the Manager of Interpol’s Environmental Crime Programme and discussed the benefits of COMtrac’s cross-jurisdictional investigation management platform within which joint agency investigations could be efficiently and effectively coordinated. The agenda will include a presentation of COMtrac tools and services and then bilateral meetings with interested crime unit directors. The Environmental Security Sub-directorate of Interpol will be one such bilateral.


United Kingdom’s Environment Agency

The United Kingdom’s Environment Agency, like many agencies, is faced with the challenge of maintaining capacity and capability within an environment of reducing resources and fiscal changes. In July 2013, IMA commenced discussions with the UK Environment Agency about the potential benefits of COMtrac implementation to not only maintain capacity and capability but to actually increase it. After months of preparation, on 13th January 2014, IMA travels to London to meet with the Environment Agency’s Manager of Site Based Regulation, Chief Prosecutor, Head of Regulated Industry, National Enforcement Services Manager and other key stakeholders to present the COMtrac investigation management system.


United Kingdom’s Heath and Safety Executive (HSE)

The United Kingdom’s Heath and Safety Executive (HSE) and local authorities share responsibility for regulating health, safety and welfare for those at work and for those affected by work activity, including the public. The HSE wants health and safety to be seen as a cornerstone of a civilised society, and to achieve a record of workplace health and safety that leads the world (they already have one of the best safety records). Like all UK agencies, the HSE are looking to adopt strategies and systems that are in line with the UK’s austerity measures. IMA has been invited to travel to Bootle, London in January 2014 to meet with a number of HSE Managers who will assess the benefits of COMtrac within the HSE environment.

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