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Regulatory investigations are the backbone of compliance and enforcement frameworks. The purpose of regulators varies and due to the sliding scale of education right through to prosecutions, there needs to be a way of capturing all enforcement outcomes. Comtrac’s unique investigation management software allows you to complete compliance activities from beginning to end and therefore you can tailor your approach towards harm prevention and proactive identification allowing you to take early intervention and enforcement action as soon as non-compliance is identified.

Government Grade Security

Comtrac is IRAP assessed and meets all Australian Data Sovereignty laws. Security certification also includes Essential 8 & ISO27001. Comtrac also chooses to abide by the guidelines established in The General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) issued by the European Union.

Key Benefits

Comtrac’s investigation management software brings  a suite of benefits tailored to assist in-house investigation teams

Every year there is $16.8 billion spent on investigations_

Stalled, dismissed and delayed investigations are wasting billions of dollars in environmental protection cases around Australia.

Rushed, confusing or incomplete briefs of evidence reflect the pressures faced by investigators. Don’t lose or delay your cases due to inadequate or incomplete briefs of evidence.

Comtrac is the investigation management platform that revolutionises regulatory enforcement and investigation.

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Comtrac’s customers report saving 30% to 60% on investigation timelines_

Elementising Evidence ™️

Comtrac’s Elementising Evidence™ facilitates every step of your investigation as a comprehensive, end-to-end investigation and digital report management solution.

Strategic investigation plan

automatically populates the investigation matrix

Running sheets and exhibits register

is the tracking and tasking solution on desktop and app

Match and track evidence to elements

of the offence in the investigation matrix across time

Automatic reporting and briefs

clarify direction even for complex and unstructured investigations

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Who is Comtrac For?

Are you a government or private sector agency that wants to replace many disparate investigation practices with one consistent investigation management system?

Comtrac provides an investigation methodology that automatically…

Delivers case transparency and accountability
Accelerates the investigative process through automation and AI
Starts creating your digital brief and evidence matrix as soon as the case is opened.
Ensures consistency and quality of final reports within required timeframes

It’s suitable for any type of investigation – including environmental, criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary.

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Elementising Evidence™

Our Investigation Specialists can help review your current process. They have years of experience with businesses or agencies like yours, and are ready with advice on how to improve your efficiency and consistency.