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Investigation Management Software

Regulatory investigations are the backbone of compliance and enforcement frameworks. The purpose of regulators varies and due to the sliding scale of education right through to prosecutions, there needs to be a way of capturing all enforcement outcomes. Comtrac’s unique investigation management software allows you to complete compliance activities from beginning to end and therefore you can tailor your approach towards harm prevention and proactive identification allowing you to take early intervention and enforcement action as soon as non-compliance is identified.

Government Grade Security

Comtrac data security accreditations includes:

  • Essential 8
  • IRAP Assessed
  • ISO27001

Why Investigation Management Software?

Comtrac customises your investigative workflow and automatically generates an investigation report. For regulatory agencies, this allows you to easily navigate the complexities of cross-jurisdiction legislation and lawful sharing of information. With this increased transparency and accountability, Comtrac significantly reduces the time and costs of administering and enforcing legislation.

Achieve greater clarity of focus and investigative direction:

Who is Comtrac For?

Are you a government or private sector agency that wants to replace many disparate investigation practices with one consistent investigation management system?

Comtrac provides an investigation methodology that automatically…

Delivers case transparency
Accelerates the investigative process
Develops your digital brief and evidence matrix
Drives consistency and quality of final reports

It’s suitable for any type of investigation – including criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary.

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