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Comtrac’s investigative methodology and step-by-step system for law enforcement are unique in the market. While traditional case management systems function like simple databases, Elementising Evidence™ guides you through the investigation process – ensuring that you substantiate all elements required. With increased transparency, law enforcement can shift their focus to the parts of the case that matter most.

Government Grade Security

Comtrac is IRAP assessed and meets all Australian Data Sovereignty laws. Security certification also includes Essential 8 & ISO27001. Comtrac also chooses to abide by the guidelines established in The General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) issued by the European Union.

Key Partnerships and Integrations


SafetyCulture (iAuditor) is a global technology company that puts the power of continuous improvement into everyone’s hands. A mobile-first application that creates a seamless in-field solution for investigators.


.Axon offers a suite a public safety hardware and software solutions for a safer world. World leaders in equipment such as BodyCam's, Comtrac's integration enables users to load evidence directly into the platform; offering both a secure and time saving solution

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure, often referred to as Azure, is a cloud computing platform run by Microsoft. It offers access, management, and the development of applications and services through global data centers

Revolutionising Investigations through the incorporation of AI

Case Management systems (CMS) vs. Electronic Investigation Management Systems (EIMS) ebook

Why Investigation Management Software?

Comtrac increases the efficiency and quality of your investigations. For law enforcement, that means better and fairer outcomes in the justice system. Reducing investigation timeframes allows law enforcement agencies and prosecutors to recover and reallocate resources to achieve more with less.

Thanks to Comtrac's Elementising Evidence™ technology, you can:

The new Australian Government Investigation Standards (AGIS) eGuide

This updated framework outlines crucial ‘should’ and ‘must’ provisions, setting the bar for top-tier investigative practices and outcomes. Click through to discover the comprehensive breakdown in our eGuide

Standard Case Management vs. Electronic Investigation Management systems

Before we get into what is required from a CMS to align with the new AGIS EIMS standards, it’s important to discuss the difference between case management and investigation management systems.

Who is Comtrac For?

Law enforcement and public safety are a key area where the benefits of the Comtrac solution can be immediately experienced. Through the many automated features including the evidence matrix, streamlined DocuSign™️ processes and report generation along with our new AI evidence search and mapping, teams are saving a minimum of 35% of their time! The ability to complete statements and reports sooner means teams are back out investigating sooner and meeting required case deadlines.

Comtrac provides an investigation methodology that automatically…

Delivers case transparency and accountability.
Accelerates the investigative process through automation and AI
Starts creating your digital brief and evidence matrix as soon as the case is opened.
Ensures consistency and quality of final reports within required timeframes.

It’s suitable for any type of investigation including

– End-to-End Policing & Accident Investigations
– Domestic Violence Incidence & Investigations
– Escalated Workplace Investigations with Criminal Charges

Ready to Start
Elementising Evidence™

Our Investigation Specialists can help review your current process. They have years of experience with businesses or agencies like yours, and are ready with advice on how to improve your efficiency and consistency.