Streamline your investigations by 35%* through Elementising Evidence™️ &
Digital Reporting

Comtrac is the investigation management platform that significantly improves the quality and efficiency of your investigations – compared with traditional case management systems.

*Average based on 2021 customer survey.
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Government agencies
Trust Comtrac
For Their Investigations

Comtrac has facilitated hundreds of thousands of investigations across regulatory agencies, law enforcement and large private sector companies.

What Makes Comtrac Different?


Comtrac is an innovation to investigation, evidence and brief management system, that will streamline the delivery of quality briefs of evidence and investigation reports.

Automated digital briefs of evidence
Speed up investigations by automatically building the brief of evidence / findings reports as the investigation progresses… NOT weeks or months after the investigation finishes.
Transparent and consistent evidence mapping
Track and capture activities and key events - and map acquired evidence against specific elements of the offence or breach under investigation.
Flexible and configurable software
Designed by investigators for investigators, our software is highly configurable and can be adapted to suit your specific needs. Plus, our team of experts are on hand to ensure a seamless implementation process.

Comtrac Vs Case Management Systems

Drive your investigation with more than just case management software (often just digital filing cabinets). Comtrac’s Elementising Evidence ™ facilitates every step of your investigation”.

Competing brands Comtrac
Create Cases
Task Management
Document Register
Case Administration
Report on Outcomes
Investigation Management
Evidence Matrix
Event Chronology
AI Mapping Assist
Automated Briefs of Evidence
Forms Manager
Mobile Application
3rd party App Integrations

The new Australian Government Investigation Standards (AGIS) eGuide

This updated framework outlines crucial ‘should’ and ‘must’ provisions, setting the bar for top-tier investigative practices and outcomes. Click through to discover the comprehensive breakdown in our eGuide


BOQ Case Study:
Enhancing Investigative Efficiencies by 50%

Download our latest Case Study, BOQ’s Fraud Investigations adopts our new digital – first solution. With an amazing 50% uplift in operational efficiencies* the team are enjoying the real benefits of the Comtrac Solution

*Malcolm Milne ~ Manager, Fraud Systems and Analytics, BOQ

What are our Customers saying about us?

Built For Your Investigations

Drive your investigation with more than just case management software (often just digital filing cabinets). Comtrac’s Elementising Evidence ™ facilitates every step of your investigation”.

Law Enforcement

Designed to streamline law enforcement investigations. Its unique investigative methodology means better and fairer outcomes in the justice system.

Regulatory Agencies

Progress large and protracted cases more effectively and efficiently. It’s the only software of its kind available to regulatory agencies.

Professional Standards Investigations

Follow a simple methodology for your points of proof for integrity investigations to deliver administrative sanctions.

Financial Sector

Financial sector investigations must be rigorous – especially in the dynamic areas of Financial Crimes and anti-money laundering. Comtrac helps audit teams navigate complex cases.

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