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COMtrac provides an investigation and brief management system to streamline investigations in an innovative environment, using proven and endorsed technology.

COMtrac provides an investigation, evidence and brief management software to streamline investigations in an innovative environment, using proven and endorsed technology.

Regardless of your agency type, industry or scale of your organisation, COMtrac can help you streamline your investigations.

Trusted by Federal and State Government Law Enforcement and Regulatory agencies and Private Sector agencies.

We are listed on the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency as a cloud capable seller to the government for investigation evidence and brief management software. You can find us on the Australian Government Digital Marketplace.

The Case Management Mirage

The Case Management Mirage

Many of today’s law enforcement and regulatory agencies face the challenge of maintaining capacity and capability within an environment of increasing complexity, uncertainty and diminishing resources.

The Rise of Digital Briefs and Virtual Courts

The Rise of Digital Briefs and Virtual Courts

The concept of digital briefs and virtual courts has been widely discussed by government agencies, law enforcement and litigation firms for years. COMtrac’s CEO, Craig Doran discusses how COVID-19 accelerated this transformation.

Ready to increase investigation efficiency and improve the quality of your reports and outcomes?

We are here to help you reduce risks, strengthen results and improve the overall quality of your investigative activities. A fraction of the reasons why COMtrac is the right fit for your agency:

  • We are fully Australian-owned and operated.
  • Mapping your evidence to the case elements ensures transparency and actively strengthens the case.
  • We provide a custom workflow that automates administrative tasks, accelerates the investigative process, and automatically generates the digital brief of evidence, evidence matrix and investigative outputs.
  • As a COMtrac user, we can quickly scale the software to your needs, using a highly available, secure hosting and architecture.
  • The software has been designed to guarantee efficiency right through the legal process, from incident creation to automated digital brief of evidence creation, ensuring positive outcomes of exceptional quality.

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