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Commercial Investigations

Investigations within large commercial organisations demand meticulous attention, especially when they need to address a range of concerns that have the potential to inflict major financial, brand and cultural damage. Comtrac’s investigation management software streamlines the complexities often associated with these investigations. With most commonly, many of these investigations revolving around critical issues.

Common in-house investigations

Our Elementising Evidence™ methodology, a strategic approach, facilitates the investigators to understand what breaches may have occurred, link these with a policy/regulation breach, and offer immediate transparency to senior management regarding the case progress and magnitude. Reports can be produced at any point of the investigation to give stakeholders a full picture of what evidence has been uncovered and the likelihood that the claim is substantiated.  This innovative solution is a configurable SaaS that can integrate with your existing CRM or platforms, making it a versatile choice for commercial organisations where investigations are just one aspect of broader operations.

An Investigation Platform that is ideal for managers navigating the intricacies of workplace investigations

Other Key Benefits for the Organisation

Comtrac’s investigation management software brings  a suite of benefits tailored to assist in-house investigation teams

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Who is Comtrac For?

Are you a large organisation with your own team of investigators … many companies within such industries as mining, finance, retail, construction, transport and travel have a magnitude of incidients, that occur both internally or externally, that need to be assessed and investigated.

Comtrac provides an investigation methodology that automatically…

Delivers case transparency and accountability
Accelerates the investigative process through automation and AI
Starts creating your digital brief and evidence matrix as soon as the case is opened.
Ensures consistency and quality of final reports within required timeframes.

It’s suitable for any type of investigation including

– Workplace Health & Safety incidents
–  Theft and/or Fraud
–  Breach of Conduct and Disciplinary issues
– Other Financial Crimes

Ready to Start
Elementising Evidence™

Our Investigation Specialists can help review your current process. They have years of experience with businesses or agencies like yours, and are ready with advice on how to improve your efficiency and consistency.