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The objective of any investigation is to streamline the investigation process and deliver high quality briefs of evidence or investigation reports. Without effective management, you may not achieve acceptable outcomes within reasonable timeframes.

Our strategic methodology, Elementising Evidence™, achieves this through automated digital briefs of evidence and investigation reports

Strategic Investigation Plan

When you start a new investigation, Comtrac automatically populates the investigation matrix with the elements of offence, breach or incident that your team needs to prove or substantiate. This delivers a strategic direction for the investigation from start to finish.

Record Investigative Activities and Evidence

Whether its through the Comtrac desktop application or our field based inspections and auditing application, Comtrac delivers transparency across the investigation to all stakeholders.

Map to Elements and Substantiate

Match evidence collected to the predetermined elements of the offence or breach in the Investigation Matrix. Our “traffic light system” shows which elements still require evidence – and which elements your team has already proven.  Transparency of proven elements drives investigation efficiency.

Build Your Brief of Evidence and Investigation Report

Build your brief of evidence or investigation report automatically as the investigation proceeds. Comtrac saves you months of paperwork by handling admin for you. At the end of the investigation, you’ll generate a comprehensive PDF or DIGITAL export in just a few clicks.

Comtrac can be a stand-alone solution or incorporated into your existing record management infrastructure to complement & improve its investigative capabilities

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– Hosted in Microsoft Azure Australia Central Region (Canberra), and regularly exceeds availability of 99.995%.
– Operates as a versatile platform, capable for seamless integration with other systems through the use of Enterprise Service Buses (ESBs) and Application Programming Interfaces (APIs).
– Leverages REST APIs to facilitate efficient and standardised communication with external systems, ensuring compatibility and flexibility in system interactions.

Comtrac has integrated with customers that use Salesforce, Docusign, FastFields and Geospatial data referencing platforms such as ‘The List’ to further streamline their investigative processes.

We also have partnered with and have existing integrations with SafetyCulture, a leading mobile application system and Axon, a world leader in public safety (body-cam) hardware, both systems are beneficial when you are working out in the field and need to record day-to-day activities on the go.

For customers requiring additional security protocols, Comtrac has introduced various levels of data protection environments* along with the ability to scale for high-user entities.

For further information regarding our integrations … head to our Partnership/Integrations page


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* Comtrac is IRAP assessed and meets all Australian Data Sovereignty laws. Security certification also includes Essential 8 & ISO27001. Comtrac also chooses to abide by the guidelines established in The General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (GDPR) issued by the European Union.

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Who is Comtrac For?

Are you a government or private sector agency that wants to replace many disparate investigation practices with one consistent investigation management system?

Comtrac provides an investigation methodology that automatically…

Delivers case transparency and accountability.
Accelerates the investigative process through automation and AI
Starts creating your digital brief and evidence matrix as soon as the case is opened.
Ensures consistency and quality of final reports within required timeframes.

It’s suitable for any type of investigation – including criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary.

Are you Ready to Start Elementising Evidence™ ?

Our Investigation Specialists can help review your current process. They have years of experience with businesses or agencies like yours and are ready with advice on how to improve your efficiency and consistency.