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Investigators worldwide have trusted COMtrac’s Elementising Evidence™ methodology to deliver over 250,000 high-quality, streamlined investigations. Watch the demo videos on this page to see how COMtrac automates the investigation process as well as investigation reporting.

Map evidence to each element of the offence

Upload exhibits as files into the register.

Then, map evidence to the elements of the offence under investigation. COMtrac’s traffic light system shows which elements still require evidence, and which are already proven.

Comprehensive Brief Of Evidence In 1-Click

Your digital Brief Of Evidence is built as the investigation proceeds. At the end of the investigation, you’ll generate a PDF or HTML export in just one click, saving MONTHS of paperwork.

Transparency Over Every Investigation

Investigators log each investigative activity in the COMtrac Running Sheet, providing an up-to-date record as the case proceeds.

Capture Elements

When you start a new investigation, the platform automatically populates with the elements of evidence to be proven, guiding your team step by step through the investigation.

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We will discuss your current Investigation workflow and show you how COMtrac is streamlining investigations for other agencies similar to yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of support is available?

For agency-based clients, COMtrac can provide an optional support package, which includes:

  • Unlimited help desk support
  • Coverage Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm AEST
  • Technical issue resolution via telephone, email and/or web
  • Preferred access to our support team
  • Office link wireless server database maintenance
  • On-site technical support
  • Online User Guide and video tutorials.
Can COMtrac integrate with existing systems?
Yes, COMtrac can integrate with existing client systems. Backed by a team with extensive regulatory, investigative and technology expertise, COMtrac uses the latest technology, including Web API, and can be customised to meet your agency’s needs.
Who is COMtrac for?
COMtrac is for Government or Private Sector agencies that want to replace multitude disparate investigation practices with one consistent investigation, evidence and brief management system. It automatically provides a custom workflow that automatically creates administrative tasks, accelerates the investigative process, and automatically creates your digital brief of evidence, evidence matrix and investigative outputs.
What types of investigations does COMtrac cater for?
COMtrac is suitable for any type of investigation including criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary. The concept of COMtrac was developed through the patented technology of Elementising Evidence™, which can be applied to any investigation and has an objective-based outcome.
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