Our Company

Our Vision

To replace individual inspection, audit and investigative management practices with an intuitive, consistent and innovative solution that will ensure efficiency and excellence of all investigations and regulatory activity.

Our Mission

  • To identify the common characteristics of poor investigations and create an environment where they can no longer exist
  • To free investigators of the administrative burdens of case management and increase the capacity of agency frontline services
  • To create an investigation management tool that front line staff embrace as intuitive, supportive and innovative
  • To be a leader in the delivery of inspection and investigation management methodologies
  • To assist agencies to improve transparency and accountability


COMtrac launched in May 2013 as a unique investigation management system that reduces legal and administrative risks associated with investigations and inspections.

Our design was proven to eliminate upwards of 50% of the administrative burden of investigations doubling the capability and capacity of agency front-line services.

We were then recognised and patented as an innovative invention to the ‘art of investigation management.’

COMtrac had been implemented by Commonwealth and State based law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Our Achievements



Certified (and annually audited) with International accreditation for Information Security Management


Australian Government Digital marketplace

Listed on the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency as a cloud capable seller


ACSC Essential 8

Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential 8 Mitigation Strategy Complaint


Microsoft Partner

A Microsoft Certified Partner (MCP) delivering COMtrac through the Azure Digital Marketplace

Approved part of the Microsoft Public Safety & Justice Program

Take Your Investigations to the Next Level

COMtrac provides a custom workflow built specifically for investigations. We automate and accelerate your investigations, using a highly secure and scalable platform. COMtrac automatically generating your digital brief of evidence and investigative outputs. Our customers report saving 34.5% on investigation timelines.

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"COMtrac is completely revolutionising Investigation Agencies by making the Investigation process efficient and consistent. Our customers achieve high quality outcomes for their stakeholders in every investigation"