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Many of today’s law enforcement and regulatory agencies face the challenge of maintaining capacity and capability within an environment of increasing complexity, uncertainty and diminishing resources.

The concept of digital briefs and virtual courts has been widely discussed by government agencies, law enforcement and litigation firms for years. COMtrac’s CEO, Craig Doran discusses how COVID-19 accelerated this transformation.

Remote Working Environments

The impact of the move towards the alternative remote workplace environments will be significant challenge to agencies which have regulatory investigation roles. Now more then ever, without the normal support of workplace peers and close supervision from management and supervisors, the agency will need to set up environments that will encourage and drive 'consistency' in effective investigation management methodologies.

Now this is not to say that 60% are sitting around doing nothing. Far from it. But a significant percentage, due to lack of clarity, motivation, confidence and accountability have settled back into cruise control. It’s not intentional and its not malicious. It’s just human nature.