Digital Briefs of Evidence for Overcoming Investigation Challenges

The Modern Investigator

Overcoming Complex Investigation Challenges Through Automated & Digital Briefs of Evidence


This innovative approach has been implemented by 26 Government Regulatory agencies across the Asia Pacific.

Join us to discover how your agency could benefit from streamlining investigations through digital and automated briefs of evidence. Register for this event to: 

  • Discover how modern agencies are overcoming the increasing complexity of investigations through automating briefs of evidence and delivering them to a consistent quality.
  • Identify and be able to communicate the efficiencies and qualities that Elementising Evidence™ and digital briefs of evidence will deliver to investigations.
  • Understand how briefs of evidence automated through Elementising Evidence™ assist investigators to overcome common challenges – such as increasing complexity, limited resources and stakeholder management.

You’ll gain valuable insights from the below presenters: 

  • Jason Gouge is a driven, proven investigator with an extensive background in investigating serious criminal offences. With over 15 years of experience as an ex-Queensland Police Officer and Detective Sergeant managing teams of investigators, Jason has investigated complex frauds, sexual offences, torture, extortion, and murder.
  • Mitch Castles is a law enforcement professional with broad policing experience specialising in the leadership of personnel and multi-disciplinary teams undertaking investigations involving corporate financial crime, money laundering, cyber/identity crime, drug trafficking and counter-terrorism offences.

Are you interested in finding out more about Comtrac? Book a demo with one of our Investigation Specialists. We’ll discuss your current Investigation workflow and show you how Comtrac is streamlining investigations for other agencies similar to yours.