How Comtrac's Elementising Evidence™ Improves Investigations

The Elementising Evidence™ Methodology

While many agencies use some form of a case management system to store and track case details, rarely do these systems have much impact on the quality of the brief of evidence and investigation outcomes. It simply focuses on the administration of a case rather than the management of the investigation.

In this article, we will discuss how the Elementising Evidence™ methodology enhances your investigative tradecraft and why it is critical to clearly map evidence to the points of proof.

What is the Elementising Evidence™ Methodology? 


Elementising Evidence™ is a step-by-step methodology facilitated by the Comtrac platform. It focuses your investigators through a consistent process, significantly increasing the standard and outcomes of your investigations.

This process defines the elements needed to complete each investigation, maps submitted evidence to each element and concludes with an automated brief of evidence. Craig Doran, Comtrac’s Founder and CEO, recently discussed this with The Courier-Mail. Read the article here.

Elementising Evidence™ Methodology Implications


Traditionally, agencies have relied upon the individual workflow of their investigators. They each determine their own investigation process and points to prove, which delivers inconsistent briefs of evidence and results.

From the very beginning of your investigation, Comtrac’s Elementising Evidence™ methodology sets the points of proof, provides transparency over identified evidence mapped to those points of proof and ensures your investigative team delivers a consistent, quality brief of evidence.  This methodology is based on developing and implementing investigation methods that follow the principles of good investigation management. Craig Doran, Comtrac’s Founder and CEO, outlined:

“Investigators upload exhibits as files into the register, then map evidence to the elements of the offence. Comtrac’s traffic light system shows which elements still require evidence and which are already proven, streamlining investigation timeframes.”

Implementing this methodology dramatically improves the speed and outcomes of your investigations. When managing a team of investigators, this results in executing your investigations 34.5% faster.

The Implications for Your Investigations


In a recent article, we discussed the role of digital briefs of evidence in virtual courtrooms. Mapping identified evidence to the points of proof and auto-generating digital briefs streamline investigations.

“Agencies across the globe are increasingly looking towards streamlining their investigations. Comtrac directs investigators step by step, consistently delivering briefs of evidence to a high standard,” according to Craig Doran, Comtrac’s Founder and CEO.

The step-by-step approach to Elementising Evidence™ ensures investigators substantiate each element of the offence. Once implemented, the Elementising Evidence™ methodology significantly improves the investigation standards and timeframes.