The Countdown Is On: Comtrac to Exhibit at Tech in Gov

Comtrac is delighted to be named as a platinum sponsor for the Tech in Gov Conference, held at the National Convention Centre in May 2022. Comtrac’s Founder and CEO, Craig Doran, said:

“We’re delighted to be sponsoring an event that unites industry leaders across ICT, business and government sectors. I’m looking forward to presenting on the innovation and efficiencies of digital briefs of evidence.”

Craig will present “It’s not a pandemic but it’s global” on the second day of Tech in Gov.

He will share industry knowledge and insights into the impact of COVID-19 on the global transition from paper-based to virtual courts, the growing importance of clarity over investigation workflows and how government agencies can deliver high-quality digital briefs of evidence.

“We look forward to sharing the innovations we’ve brought to the government sector, but just as significantly, we look forward to hearing about the latest innovations from our peers,” he added.

The team at Comtrac will be sharing exclusive updates throughout Tech in Gov. To keep up-to-date about the latest news, industry insights and company updates, make sure you are following Comtrac on LinkedIn.

If you are attending Tech in Gov, come and say hello to the team, and check out our interactive exhibit. The team will demo Comtrac’s investigation, evidence and brief management software and the latest cutting-edge developments.

Are you a government or private sector agency that wants to replace many disparate investigation practices with one consistent investigation management system? With Comtrac, every investigation achieves consistent results regardless of the investigator’s level of experience. The software directs investigators through each required point of proof and automates administrative tasks along the way. Book a demo to find out more.