Comtrac's Brand Rollout - Introducing Our Fresh Look and Feel

Comtrac’s Brand Rollout

Introducing Our Fresh Look and Feel


It is with great excitement that we announce the finalisation of the roll-out of Comtrac’s new brand. After months of hard work and careful planning, we are thrilled to introduce our refreshed look and feel. The new brand represents a significant evolution for Comtrac as we continue to expand and look to the future.

We have updated our logo, colour palette, typography, and overall visual identity to align with who we are as a company and what we stand for. We encourage you to look at our new website, LinkedIn and YouTube accounts, which have been refreshed with our new branding.

There has been a lot of talk amongst regulatory and law enforcement agencies about Comtrac. Facilitating over 350,000 investigations across the Asia-Pacific, Comtrac is widely regarded as one of the most significant innovations in investigation, evidence and brief management. With this recognition, the team at Comtrac was motivated to create a fresh, modern and exciting new brand.

Craig Doran, Founder and CEO of Comtrac, said:

“A truly once in a lifetime innovation needs an unforgettable brand.”

In 2022, Comtrac experienced a 163% growth rate in our Product and Development teams. Comtrac’s refreshed logo, messaging and visual identity represents our passion for innovation and our forward-thinking approach to investigation, evidence and digital brief management.

The new branding reflects our commitment to delivering innovative solutions to improve the investigation tradecraft. The team at Comtrac has been working alongside our clients and partners to develop new features to make the user experience as intuitive as possible.

“Everything we do at Comtrac is about streamlining the investigation process and outcomes,” according to Craig.

“Our company vision has come from our own experience within the field of criminal and regulatory investigations so every innovation is about taking the friction out of the process and delivering efficiency, quality and productivity. We wanted our brand and look to represent this and feel fresh and exciting,” he added.

What Comtrac users can expect following the brand roll-out

As a result of the brand roll-out, clients can expect to experience some modifications when using Comtrac. These include:

  • A new look and feel, including updated logos, colours, typography and other visual elements.
  • Improved user experience and navigation, including consistency among pages, improvements to the interface and button location.
  • Enhanced brand consistency, as all software elements are aligned with the new brand guidelines.

We are grateful for the support and feedback of our team, clients and partners throughout the brand roll-out. We look forward to continuing to grow and evolve with you by our side!

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