Comtrac and Azure help Environmental Agency meet Automation Goals

The Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment (AWE) administers the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

AWE enhances Australia’s agriculture, environment, heritage, and water resources, reduce environmental impacts and facilitate economic development.

“The Comtrac system has provided my team/branch with a central point to store information and intelligence of all allegations on environmental compliance and has streamlined our assessment and investigation process,” said Garry Hall, Director of Investigations / Environmental Crime.


Comtrac, Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment, & Azure Case Study

Customer Challenges

Based on its findings from a 2019-2020 review, the Australian National Audit Office recommended AWE strengthen its ability to deliver on regulatory objectives and implement an approach to streamline responses to and resolutions of environmental risk. The report also called on the agency to maintain a comprehensive, tactical, and strategic response to go beyond its regulatory obligations. Complicating the challenges the agency faced were internal silos with information stored in disparate, unconnected systems across multiple business areas.

Partner Solution

AWE’s Compliance Division implemented the Comtrac solution to assist the agency to meet its regulatory objectives. Powered by Microsoft Azure, Comtrac provides a single repository for investigations and facilitates strategic direction by mapping evidence to offence elements. The solution is designed to streamline investigations and compliance tradecraft by automating AWE’s digital briefs of evidence.

Customer Benefits

Comtrac enables the agency to realise key benefits through acceleration and automation of investigations. The solution’s custom workflow provides transparency across teams and automatically generates digital briefs of evidence and reports. Mapping evidence to elements ensures also clarity and strengthens cases. AWE are now able to fully configure forms, workflows, labels, and digital brief of evidence templates.







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