The Impact of Remote Work on Investigation Management

Agencies that have regulatory investigation roles face unique challenges when it comes to shifting towards remote working environments.

As Craig Doran, Comtrac’s Founder and CEO, explains: “As a result of increased remote working, it is even more critical agencies provide digital solutions to promote and ensure ongoing consistency and quality in their investigations.”

The Importance & Impact of Consistency for Investigation Management


So, how does implementing consistency impact investigation management practices? Consistency, in the context of investigations, is replacing the thousands of individual investigation management strategies with a consistent investigation management methodology. Implementing consistency can replace the risk associated with poor investigation management practices.


The Four Key Benefits of Driving Consistency


From an operational perspective, the key benefits of consistency are that it delivers clarity, motivation, confidence and accountability to investigators.


1. Clarity


Clarity is an inevitable outcome of consistency. Without a consistent investigation management methodology, you can find yourself completely unaware of what you are meant to be doing on a daily basis.  Consistency in investigation management methodologies will provide clarity on the investigation objectives, allowing you to focus with a fierce, undeterrable nature.

2. Motivation


When you are on top of your investigation tasks for the day/week and you can see progress, you feel naturally motivated. Fierce, potentially – but confident, most definitely! Your productivity increases significantly and you are constantly motivated to just keep going and do better every time. This sets the guidelines and expectations investigators have of themselves, and ultimately, you start looking for new ways to conquer the investigation objectives.

3. Confidence


When you’re clear-minded and motivated, it’s only normal that your confidence is raised. You’ll find yourself a lot more assertive, self-assured and confident in the decisions you’re making.  There’s a difference between arrogance and confidence, so don’t get them confused. Nothing is more appealing for colleagues and management than someone confident in their abilities, approach and demeanour. You will naturally instil trust through your tone and body language.

4. Accountability


It is innately human to deflect responsibility and point the blame elsewhere when we have not achieved the desired outcome. By implementing consistent investigation management methodologies that keep an investigation on the course, you inevitably create accountability for not only yourself but the investigation team.

As you will note, each of these points is a flow-on from the last. They’re all interrelated. Each key benefit is meant to empower you more than the last and supports your overall professional development. 

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