Government Investigation Skills Training now utilising COMtrac

30 January 2014

ICETS, A nationally based training provider for government investigations skills training deploys COMtrac as it case study investigation platform.

“COMtrac has revolutionised our training programs for Commonwealth, State and Local Government agencies. COMtrac provides the perfect environment for case study investigations to be undertaken. It reinforces the key messages to investigators and inspectors about conducting investigations around the elements of the offence, applying lawful powers and authorities, and effective investigation management processes. It has reduced the time taken to complete case study investigations by about half and provides an efficient brief checking tool for our assessors to determine quality of briefs of evidence generated during the case study investigations. The success of COMtrac as a investigation management tool has resulted in ICETS being nominated for the Queensland Training Awards through innovation to investigation skills training. It has been received so well by our government agency clients that three of our client agencies have now actually engaged IMA to provide COMtrac as their investigation management platform for the regulatory investigations.”

CEO, Investigation Compliance & Enforcement Training Systems

With COMtrac as your investigation partner, you are able to increase your front line capacity while resting assured COMtrac is by your side as your partner helping strengthen results, reducing risk and improving the overall quality of your investigations.