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The Financial Sector

Investigation Management Software

Investigations for the financial sector must be rigorous – especially in the dynamic areas of superannuation and anti-money laundering. Comtrac’s investigation management software helps audit teams navigate complex cases that are often time-consuming and resource-intensive.

Organising and matching high volumes of evidence and intelligence is simple, with Comtrac’s Elementising Evidence™ methodology. By automating the ‘paperwork’ for – and guiding your team through – the investigative process, Comtrac sets itself apart from case management software that simply collects and stores data. Customisable and flexible based on your needs, it’s the smart choice for financial investigations.

Government Grade Security

Comtrac data security accreditations includes:

  • Essential 8
  • IRAP Assessed
  • ISO27001


Why Investigation Management Software?

Comtrac allows your team to meet tight investigation deadlines in the banking, financial services and fraud sectors. By speeding up the process, your auditors can spend more time reviewing and analysing financial documentation. This ensures that nothing is missed during your investigation, which is crucial for the detail-focused financial sector.

Collaborate on multiple cases at the same time:

Who is Comtrac For?

Are you a government or private sector agency that wants to replace many disparate investigation practices with one consistent investigation management system?

Comtrac provides an investigation methodology that automatically…

Delivers case transparency
Accelerates the investigative process
Develops your digital brief and evidence matrix
Drives consistency and quality of final reports

It’s suitable for any type of investigation – including criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary.

Ready to Start
Elementising Evidence™

Our Investigation Specialists can help review your current process. They have years of experience with businesses or agencies like yours, and are ready with advice on how to improve your efficiency and consistency.