Case Management System

Case Management System vs Investigation Management System

A Case Management System (CMS) and an Investigation Management System (IMS) are both software tools that are commonly used by investigators. However, with the increasing complexity of investigations, it is more important than ever to understand the distinct difference between the two systems.

What does a Case Management System typically deliver?

A CMS is used by investigators for case administration, task management, document register and to report on outcomes.

While many agencies often use some form of a CMS, rarely do these systems have much impact on the efficiency of the investigation or the quality of the brief of evidence. Most CMS focus on the administration of a case and not the management of the actual investigation.

Comtrac goes beyond a traditional Case Management System by delivering case, evidence and investigation management. So why are agencies around the globe implementing Investigation Management Systems and how does it streamline investigations? Craig Doran, Comtrac’s Founder and CEO, recently discussed this with The Courier-Mail. Read the article here.

What investigators gain by using an Investigation Management System

There are three overarching benefits that investigators gain by implementing an Investigation Management System. These are:

  • Accelerate and Automate: Mapping evidence to elements ensures clarity and strengthens the case. Maintain visibility over your team’s workload and progress.
  • Transparency: A custom workflow that automates administrative tasks, accelerates the investigative process and automatically generates the digital brief of evidence.
  • Self-Serve: Comtrac users are enabled to fully configure forms, workflows, labels and brief of evidence templates.

What makes Comtrac’s investigation management system different?

Comtrac streamlines investigations by showing transparency on what elements to prove, what has been proven and what is left to be proven. The reason for this the system’s ability to “elementise” evidence.

The process of Elementising Evidence™ refers to the mapping evidence against the elements of the offence (also referred to as points of proof) and the brief of evidence is generated “as the investigation progresses” rather than at the completion of the investigation. This prevents failed prosecutions by ensuring that the quality of the brief of evidence is always consistent, regardless of who is leading the investigation.

Furthermore, Comtrac can be fully configured to meet the needs of an agency and can seamlessly integrate with existing client systems.

Learn more about the benefits of using an Investigation Management System

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