The future of investigations - today

Regulatory inspections or audits, like investigations, are an evidence-based activity.

These forms of inspections and audits can be used to prove compliance, or detect non-compliance to statutory instruments such as licenses, permits or other authorities under which a regulated entity might be operating.

COMtrac provides a strategic platform under which the regulatory activities associated with inspections are planned, undertaken and reported on. The key features of COMtrac’s inspection and audit system are:

  • Automatically sets conditions to guide the audit/inspection
  • Provides advice on the type of evidence and procedures that should be used against each condition subject to the audit/inspection
  • Allows for an inspector to record observations, causes of any non-compliance, level of compliance, action taken, compliance behaviour
  • Designed to work on field based applications such as iPads, Windows or Android tablets, as well as desktop computers
  • Automatically produces an electronic non-compliance notice
  • Automatically produces an audit/inspection report based on data captured during inspection – which can be emailed in the field
  • Allows for the production of business intelligence reports based on any categories relevant to the inspection

Supported by the investigators notebook (iNB) mobile device application, COMtrac will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all inspections, simple or complex. In the ever-increasing environment of reduced resources, COMtrac provides an evolutionary environment where the capacity and capability of regulatory agencies can be increased while at the same time reducing the administrative burden on front line inspectors.

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