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COMtrac Investigators notebook (iNB) is a mobile based application for use by investigators, inspectors or auditors which provides a secure and efficient environment where notes and exhibits (audio, photo, video) can be captured in a contemporaneous manner.

COMtrac iNB was designed and built to ensure it can be accessed and utilised on both desktop computers and mobile devices (Windows, IOS & Android).

COMtrac iNB includes the ability to record photographs, video and audio on mobile devices directly into the COMtrac application. All features of COMtrac can also be included as mobile applications, which are not dependent on Internet connectivity and can be readily synced to the primary database from the mobile applications.

For agencies considering replacing hard copy notebooks, COMtrac can also have integrated into the system an Investigators notebook (iNB). The iNB has the following features;

  • Records running sheet entries automatically into the iNB, along with all associated exhibit links
  • Uploads contemporaneous¬†notes into the iNB by typing or through voice narration
  • Stores audio files of interviews or other field activities with a self generating time and date reference
  • Ability to take photographs or videos which are uploaded into the iNB with a self generating time and date reference
  • Allows sketches or diagrams to be drawn into iNB entries
  • Ability to record all other officers and person present during any activity
  • Comprehensive search engine to review key events or activities
  • Maintain the integrity of notes by recording the GEO code to identify the location where the notes and exhibits were recorded¬†
  • Create reports based on selected parameters for production in any proceedings as contemporaneous notes

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