The future of investigations - today

For law enforcement and regulatory investigations, COMtrac provides a platform, which ensures all investigations are conducted to a consistent methodology.

COMtrac creates investigation plans based on the elements (points of proof) of offences to which all investigative and evidence activity is mapped.

The patented 'investigation art' provides a real time analysis of the evidentiary strength of the investigation from the case commencement through to court. This allows investigators, managers and legal officers to make strategic, evidence based decisions throughout the life of the investigation.

COMtrac automates the evidence gathering process so that investigators statements, briefs of evidence, investigation reports and evidence matrices are automatically built as the investigation progresses.

The electronic brief of evidence and evidence chronology provides a state of the art delivery and presentation tool for judicial proceedings. In addition to the electronic brief of evidence, COMtrac can also produce a complete indexed PDF version of the brief of evidence for hard copy delivery.

Supported by the investigators notebook (iNB) mobile device application, COMtrac will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of all criminal investigations, simple or complex. In the ever-increasing environment of reduced resources, COMtrac provides an evolutionary environment where the capacity and capability of law enforcement and regulatory agencies is increased while at the same time reducing the administrative burden on front line investigators.

Simplification of processes is the ultimate form of sophistication.

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