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We help agencies gain direction, streamline investigations and increase productivity of the evidence and brief management process through automation and the guidance of an experienced partner.

COMtrac provides an investigation and brief management system to streamline investigations in an innovative environment, using proven and endorsed technology.

COMtrac has facilitated over 180,000 investigations

Clients we work with.

Used By Investigators Everywhere

Regardless of your agency type, industry or scale of your organisation, COMtrac can help you streamline your investigations.

Incident Investigations

COMtrac delivers a more focused and effective approach to root cause analysis investigations into workplace accidents, major incidents or mitigation of risk management issues. Elementising Evidence™ delivers a non-biased, neutral approach to identifying cause and effect associated with incidents.

Criminal Investigation

COMtrac is widely used by Law Enforcement and Government Regulatory agencies to undertake investigations into breaches of criminal legislation. Elementising Evidence™ provides investigators with a strategic and streamlined approach to mapping evidence against the elements of offences and the automation of briefs of evidence and investigators ststements.

Corporate Investigations

COMtrac is used by agencies engaged to undertake corporate investigations into workplace conduct, fraud, regulatory scrutiny and other forensic investigations. Elementising Evidence™ delivers a streamlined approach to undertaking investigations efficiently and effectively to ensure an informed and defensible decision on how to proceed in the face of alleged misconduct is made.

Public Prosecution Agencies

The criminal prosecution process can be long and complex. COMtrac provides an effective brief preparation environment for pending proceedings. Elementising Evidence™ allows prosecutors to efficiently analyse briefs by assessing the evidence against the elements an offence, identifying and mapping relevant events and evaluating the relevance of witness and exhibits to the facts in issue. The outcome is streamlined brief analysis and prosecution proceedings.

Private Security Investigations

COMtrac empowers private security investigations with strategic workflows that ensure human resource, fraud, insurance, accident or other client-based investigations are undertaken efficiently and effective. Elementising Evidence™ streamlines the investigation, and provides transparency to your clients and increases your frontline capacity and client confidence.

Private Enterprise

Human Resource (HR) officers and managers often have the responsibility of reviewing and actioning investigations into workplace behaviour. The decisions that arise from these HR investigations must be transparent, fair and defensible. COMtrac provides a professional and intuitive evidence and brief management workflow for those responsible for these investigations where ‘investigation management’ is not their normal role or skillset.

Legal Firms

In the same way that legal professionals and prosecutors need to clearly map evidence against the elements of an offence, civil litigation lawyers have the objective of identifying the relevant of materials and mapping it against the objectives of a litigation matter on which they have been briefed. COMtrac provides a natural landscape for mapping relevant material to litigation elements and the creation of a interactive event chronology to present and support those litigation arguments.

Commission of Inquiry

Commissions of Inquiry serve the important function of inquiring into matters of public interest. They are formed to ascertain factual circumstances and make recommendations. Elementising Evidence™ allows the evidence and documents gathered from summonsed witnessed to be recorded, categorised and mapped against key issues to enable Commissions to deliver transparent and evidence-based findings, give advice and confidently make recommendations.

COMtrac was designed and built to be accessible on both desktop computers and also tablet or mobile devices (Windows, iOS & Android).

Ready to increase investigation efficiency and improve the quality of your reports and outcomes?

With COMtrac as your investigation partner, you are able to increase your front line capacity while resting assured COMtrac is by your side as your partner helping strengthen results, reducing risk and improving the overall quality of your investigations.


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How It Works

COMtrac is a software solution which drives quality, efficiency and outcomes of investigations.

Analyse & Document

Using COMtrac’s Elementising Evidence unique methodology, capture, analyse and map information and evidence to the elements of the incident, breach, offence or civil dispute. COMtrac is designed for logical, intuitive evidence mapping.

COMtrac Platform

Using the COMtrac platform allows all users key functionality, from reporting to task management. Being your start to finish investigation solution, the COMtrac platform will streamline your investigation, increase productivity and public/client confidence in your front-line capacity.

COMtrac UI

COMtrac has been developed in Australia.
A product of Investigation Management Australia, our system has been built for investigators. Our unique methodology of Elementising Evidence™ has been used to build our interface and user experience. Helping you to collect, share and report faster, streamlining investigations.

COMtrac Features

COMtrac is a proven technology used by leaders in investigations. Big or small requirements, COMtrac is your partner throughout the full investigation process. Some of our key features are below: 

  • Simple, quick and easy to set up
  • Entirely web based – no software to install or hardware to buy
  • Fully expandable to cater for future change including bulk changes of staff and mass updates to staff data
  • Very intuitive. Minimal user training required
  • Compatible with PCs and Macs, tablets and other mobile devices
  • Customisable with a company’s own logo, legislation and document requirements
  • Scalable solution for organisations with thousands of users, or just a handful
  • Streamlined Investigations through Elementising Evidence™ methodology
  • Automated Brief and Report preparation
  • Evidence Mapping technology

More efficient, organised and focused investigations.

Using innovative investigative technology coupled with our patented and unique investigation management methodology, the COMtrac platform significantly reduces investigation timeframes. This means more capacity and capability for your frontline services.

The proven COMtrac methodology of Elementising Evidence™ steers the investigation towards each element of the offence, breach, incident or matter, ensuring investigators stay strategically focused throughout the investigation.

Our key benefits.

Built on cutting-edge technology, COMtrac is guaranteed to streamline any investigation through our Elementising Evidence™ investigation management methodology. Convert to professional and strategic investigation and evidence management practices and experience the innovation of automated briefs of evidence, investigation reports and investigators affidavits.


Complete more investigations in half the time and twice the quality of contemporary investigation practices.

Reduce Costs
  • Reduced costs associated with prolonged, unsuccessful or poorly managed inspections, audits or investigations.
  • The small, per-user, annual fee for using COMtrac is a very small price to pay, compared with the efficiency and staff productivity gains that result.
Simplify and Save Time
  • Investigators or other staff need only enter simple data and upload exhibits into COMtrac – the system does the rest.
  • Save over 50% of staff time by automating the administrative functions of an investigation.
  • Share the caseload with other investigators in remote locations.
Increase Productivity
  • COMtrac elementises all offences, breaches, incidents or matters – resulting in consistent and strategic investigative and brief management processes.
  • Increased productivity is a direct result of COMtrac’s automation of briefs of evidence, statements, affidavits, evidence chronologies and the Elementising Evidence™ methodology. 
  • Use of intuitive reporting to monitor caseload, efficiency and effectiveness.
Electronic Evidence Briefs
  • Avoid reputational harm from poor practices through a streamlined and professional approach.
  • Whether your preference is a “Digital Interactive Briefs of Evidence on the cloud”, a “downloadable e-brief to an external device” or a “fully Index PDF Brief of evidence for printing”, COMtrac delivers them all.

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COMtrac is the evolution of inspection, audit, investigation and brief management technology for law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

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