Your time is valuable; don’t waste it on documentation red tape.

Simplify your workload by streamlining your case management process with COMtrac.


Commonly, law case management processes can be stressful, difficult and troublesome, causing a backlog of work because they rely on constant manual input from a multitude staff.

This red tape issue frequently results in the gathering of disjointed documentation because of the way information is collected and administered by numerous sources.


COMtrac has facilitated over 144,000 investigations

Clients we work with.

Ready to increase efficiency, improve quality and reduce red tape?


With and Australian innovation patent for a unique ‘investigation management method and system’, COMtrac is an innovative and intuitive product, designed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your investigation, inspection or audit program. 

How it Works for Your Firm

COMtrac is a software solution which drives quality, efficiency and outcomes of your investigations.

Analyse & Document

Using COMtrac’s Elementising Evidence TM unique methodology, capture, analyse and map information and evidence to the elements of the incident, breach, offence or civil dispute. COMtrac is designed for logical, intuitive evidence mapping.

COMtrac Platform

Using the COMtrac platform allows all users key functionality, from reporting to task management. Being your start to finish investigation solution, The COMtrac platform will streamline your investigation, increase productivity and public/client confidence in your front-line capacity.

COMtrac UI

A product of Investigation Management Australia, our system has been built for investigators. Our unique methodology has been used to build our interface and user experience. Helping you to collect, share and report faster, streamlining investigations.

Used by Investigators Everywhere

Used by law firm investigators everywhere, COMtrac is the evolution of inspection, audit, investigation and brief management technology for law agencies.

In contrast to the time-consuming traditional method, with COMtrac the process can be compressed to around 1-2 weeks. It is crucial to keep everyone informed with the investigation status at all times, in order to avoid errors or delays within a given case. Some of the key elements used by law agencies:


  • Generating an element-based investigation, inspection or audit plan
  • Real-time analysis of the evidentiary state of investigations
  • Self-generating electronic brief of evidence
  • Automatically prepares investigator witness statements
  • Stores and manages evidence
  • Maps investigative activity to lawful authority
  • Identifies evidence short-falls and potential defences
  • Maps evidence to offences, elements and proofs
  • Contains prosecutors’ analytical tool
  • Generates business intelligence for regulatory reporting


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Unlimited Open Cases
Automated Investigator statements
Automated Brief of Evidence
Elementised Evidence
Task & Case Collaboration

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