The future of streamlined investigation, evidence and brief management is here.


With an Australian innovation for a unique ‘investigation, evidence and brief management method and system’, COMtrac is an innovative and intuitive product that will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your investigation overnight.

At A Glance

  • Generates an element based investigation plan
  • Real-time analysis of the evidentiary state of investigations
  • Self-generating electronic brief of evidence
  • Automatically prepares investigator witness statements
  • Stores and manages evidence
  • Maps investigative activity to lawful authority
  • Identifies evidence shortfalls and potential defences
  • Maps evidence to offences, elements and proofs of the offences, breaches, matters or incidents under investigation
  • Contains prosecutors analytical tool
  • Generates business intelligence for regulatory reporting

How It Works

COMtrac is a software solution which drives quality, efficiency and outcomes of investigations.

Reduce Costs

  • Reduce costs associated with prolongued, unsuccessful or poorly managed inspections, audits or investigations
  • Reduce the length of cost of investigations through transparent, logical and stregic investigation pathways
  • Minimise the time associated with criminal, administrative or civil proceedings with high quality defensible briefs of evidence
  • Streamline proceedings with an interactive and efficient digital presentation of the brief of evidence
  • The small, per-user annual fee for using COMtrac is a very small price to pay when compared with the efficiency and staff productivity gains that result

Electronic Evidence Briefs

  • Avoid reputational harm from poor practices through a streamlined and professional approach
  • Decrease legal risks associated with investigations

Increase Productivity

  • COMtrac automatically elementises all offences – resulting in consistent and strategic inspection, audit or investigative and brief management processes
  • Increase regulatory efficiency with COMtrac by managing the administrative burdens of your inspections, audits and investigations
  • Use of intuitive reporting to monitor caseload, efficiency and effectiveness

Simplify and Save Time

  • Investigators or other staff need only enter simple data and upload exhibits into COMtrac – the system does the rest
  • Share the caseload with other investigators in remote locations

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