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Software Features

  • Simple, quick and easy to set up.
  • Entirely web based – no software to install or hardware to buy.
  • Fully expandable to cater for future change including bulk changes of staff and mass updates to staff data.
  • Very intuitive; minimal user training required.
  • Compatible with PCs and Macs, tablets and other mobile devices.
  • Customisable with a company’s own logo, legislation and document requirements.
  • Scalable solution for organisations with thousands of users, or just a handful.

Mobile Application

COMtrac was designed and built to be accessible on both desktop computers and also tablet or mobile devices (Windows, iOS & Android).

This includes the ability to record photographs, video and audio on mobile devices directly into the COMtrac application.

Specific features of COMtrac can also be included as mobile applications, which are not dependent on Internet connectivity and can be readily synced to primary database from the mobile applications.

For agencies considering replacing hard copy notebooks, COMtrac can also have integrated into the system an investigators notebook (iNB). The iNB has the following features;

  • Activity entries made into the running sheet are automatically recorded into the iNB along with links to any associated exhibits recorded against those activities
  • Officers can manually enter notes into the iNB by typing or voice narration
  • Officers can create audio files of interviews or other field activities which are automatically uploaded into the iNB with a self generating time and date reference
  • Officers can take photographs or videos which are automatically uploaded into the iNB with a self generating time and date reference
  • Officers can record all other officers and person present during any activity
  • Officers can use the search engine to search for key events of activities

Integration features

Is a web based Inspection, Audit, Investigation and Brief Management system.

Built using the latest web and mobile technologies.

Can be used via the COMtrac secure cloud or configured to run locally on internal servers. It can be run on a single server or in web farm environment.

Includes a resource area where access to existing agency databases can be integrated with COMtrac.

Security & Data Features

COMtrac can be hosted on your own agency intranet or where required on our secure dedicated servers, which have the following security & certification

  • 24x7 manned security office and personnel entrance check-point
  • Perimeter vehicular security check-points
  • CCTV monitoring and capture of perimeter and internal access
  • Proximity card access points to data hall and other secure areas
  • Certification to ISO-27001 Information Systems Security Management
  • Certification to ASIO T4 Intruder Resistance

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