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Where is the database located?

COMtrac can be hosted on our dedicated secure servers which have certified physical and web security measures. Or alternatively, COMtrac can be hosted your own agency intranet servers.

How is information security maintained?

We understand the importance of security. COMtrac's data centre, network and system security is tightly controlled to provide you with peace of mind. Full details of our security measures are found on our 'Features' page.

What level of support is available?

For agency based clients Investigation Management Australia can provide an optional support package which includes:

  • Unlimited help desk support
  • Coverage Monday to Friday - 8:30 am - 5:30 pm AEST
  • Technical issue resolution via telephone, email and/or web
  • Preferred access to our support team
  • Office link wireless server database maintenance
  • On site technical support
  • Three days per month of additional development for specific client agency based features

Does it need to be customised to our agency?

COMtrac patented design is applicable to all government and private sector agencies. The only customisation is the input of client agency legislation, offences and authorised investigative powers. This can be done through the administration area by your agency, or IMA can provide a consultancy service to elementise offences and map legislative or administrative evidence gathering powers to investigative task.

Can COMtrac integrate with existing systems?

Yes COMtrac can integrate with existing client systems. Using some of the latest technologies such as Web API, COMtrac can be customised to suit the needs of any agency.

Are there ongoing maintenance fees?

It's up to you! There is an optional support agreement for agencies who require specific agency development. For single or small user groups there are no maintenance fees. IMA has a continued development and quality program where users will received free upgrades and improvements to their license database during the term of the licensed agreement.

What are the contract periods?

All COMtrac licenses are on a minimum 12-month agreement.

Who is COMTrac for?

COMtrac is for both government and non-government organisations with a role or responsibility for conducting criminal, statutory, civil or internal investigations, who want structured and consistent investigation results.

Can the database have different access and security levels?

Yes. The user management feature allows any tier level structure to be created for individual users so that they only have access to investigations which they oversee, manage or individually are assigned to investigate.

How long is implementation time?

Because COMtrac is designed to work with all investigative processes it can be implemented immediately. The only set up time is associated with the input of legislation and authorities into the administration area.

Can electronic forms be adjusted?

Yes. Forms can be adjusted if the user or client agency has entered into a 12-month support agreement, which provides three days a month of additional formatting or development.

Does it work on mobile devices?

Yes. COMtrac can be used on any mobile tablet.

What type of investigations does it cater for?

COMtrac is suitable for any type of investigation including criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary. The concept of COMtrac was developed through the patented technology of “Elementising Evidence” which can be applied to any investigation which has an objective based outcome.

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