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Investigations Partner 

COMtrac specialises in investigation management software. Backed by a team with extensive regulatory, investigative, intelligence and software engineering expertise, COMtrac within minutes automatically creates your digital briefs of evidence. Save time and get valuable hours back in your working day.

COMtrac has facilitated over 200,000 investigations in Australia and overseas. 

Increased Transparency Over Investigations

COMtrac provides custom workflows, automatically creating briefs of evidence. It is our understanding local government investigations are often high profile and subject to intense scrutiny in the open-source arena. The Elementising Evidence™ methodology enhances transparency, allowing the case to be easily substantiated when scrutinised. Through COMtrac, you are given assurance and defensible decision-making.

Providence of Information

Easily source, verify and access information and data pertinent to your case. Upload evidence as you acquire it and it will be date and time-stamped. Automatically generate your brief of evidence and investigative outputs. COMtrac ensures accuracy in the providence of information regarding operations, regulatory and investigation activities.

Meet Legislative Requirements

COMtrac meets legislative requirements by automatically pre-selecting the elements that need to be proven. COMtrac’s user-friendly interface lets your investigation team easily add case elements to adapt to the evolving investigative context. The software ensures you meet all legislative and regulatory requirements.

The Rise of Digital Briefs and Virtual Courts

Improve your Investigation, Evidence and Brief Management with COMtrac

Improve the outcomes of your local government investigations. COMtrac enhances your investigative tradecraft through a workflow built specifically for investigations, automatically creating the brief as the investigation progresses. COMtrac’s customers report saving 30% to 60% on investigation timelines.

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