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COMtrac is a software solution which drives quality, efficiency and outcomes of investigations.

Logical Workflow

COMtrac is a logical and intuitive workflow tool, which will significantly increase the effectiveness and efficiency of criminal, civil and administrative investigations and/or inspections. COMtrac is a unique product, which reverse-engineers from a brief of evidence or administrative decision.


COMtrac automatically elementises offences applying a practical and intuitive world-first project management approach. COMtrac is for any agency with a regulatory, administrative, fact-finding, law enforcement or audit role.

Made in Australia

Developed in Australia and a product of Investigation Management Australia, COMtrac is a company with over 50 years of experience in policing, compliance, enforcement and regulation at the Local, State and Commonwealth level.

At a Glance

  • Generates an element based investigation, inspection or audit plan
  • Real-time analysis of the evidentiary state of investigations
  • Self-generating electronic brief of evidence
  • Automatically prepares investigator witness statements
  • Stores and manages evidence
  • Maps investigative activity to lawful authority
  • Identifies evidence shortfalls and potential defences
  • Maps evidence to offences, elements and proofs
  • Contains prosecutors’ analytical tool
  • Generates business intelligence for regulatory reporting

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Question and Answer

How is information security maintained?

At COMtrac, we understand the fundamental importance of security. COMtrac’s data centre, network and system security is tightly controlled to provide you with peace of mind. Full details of our security measures can be found on our ‘Security’ page.

What level of support is available?

For agency-based clients, Investigation Management Australia can provide an optional support package, which includes:

  • Unlimited help desk support
  • Coverage Monday to Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm AEST
  • Technical issue resolution via telephone, email and/or web
  • Preferred access to our support team
  • Office link wireless server database maintenance
  • On-site technical support
  • Online User Guide and video tutorials.

Does it need to be customised to our agency?

COMtrac’s patented design is applicable to all government and private sector agencies, the only customisation being the input of client agency legislation, offences and authorised investigative powers. This can be done through the administration area by your agency, or IMA can provide a consultancy service to elementise offences and map legislative or administrative evidence gathering powers to the investigative task.

Can COMtrac integrate with existing systems?

Yes, COMtrac can integrate with existing client systems. Using some of the latest technologies such as Web API, COMtrac can be customised to suit the needs of any agency.

Are there ongoing maintenance fees?

No. COMtrac SaaS licensing includes hosting, support and maintenance. IMA has a continued development and quality program where users will receive free upgrades and improvements to their license database during the term of the licensed agreement.

Who is COMtrac for?

COMtrac is for Government or Private Sector Agencies that want to replace multitude disparate investigation practices with a consistent and proven investigation, evidence and brief management methodology to streamline investigations.

What types of investigations does COMtrac cater for?

COMtrac is suitable for any type of investigation including criminal, civil, administrative or disciplinary. The concept of COMtrac was developed through the patented technology of “Elementising Evidence™”, which can be applied to any investigation and has an objective-based outcome.

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