COMtrac’s Vision and Mission

Our Vision

“To replace individual inspection, audit and investigative management practices with an intuitive, consistent and innovative solution that will ensure efficiency and excellence of all investigations and regulatory activity.”

Our Mission


  • To identify the common characteristics of poor investigations and create an environment where they can no longer exist
  • To free investigators of the administrative burdens of case management and increase the capacity of agency frontline services
  • To create an investigation management tool that front line staff embrace as intuitive, supportive and innovative
  • To be a leader in the delivery of inspection and investigation management methodologies
  • To assist agencies to improve transparency and accountability

The COMtrac Team

Craig Doran

Founder and Chief Executive Officer
Career: QLD Police and Investigation Training

Craig is the founder and visionary behind COMtrac. Having served as an investigator with the QLD Police for 22 years, followed with 5 years delivering training to all levels of Government, he is a big advocate for eliminating the risk associated with poor investigation methodologies. Through his experience, Craig identified the challenges which agencies face by increasing the efficiency and quality of investigations by developing the “Elementising Evidence™” methodology.

Craig is an author, frequent keynote speaker, well-known industry expert and highly regarded educator in investigation methodologies and evidence management.

Dave Tormey

Chief Technology Officer
Career: Software Engineer, Government IT Specialist

Dave is an experienced CTO, having spent 20 years in the information technology industry. Starting as a software engineer, Dave’s career has evolved into taking leadership positions in companies in order to build their IT strategy and architecture, becoming a Government IT specialist and an entrepreneur in his own venture business ‘Tag’d’.

Dave has been with COMtrac since 2014.

Peter Driutti

Partner Development Manager
Career: Business Development, Fujitsu

Peter is responsible for all aspects of IMA’s business development, including the development of the territory strategy, ongoing P&L performance delivery and customer satisfaction. Peter is skilled in business development and account management, with a solution-led approach on delivering benefit to clients in a variety of industries.

Peter has previously held senior roles at Fujitsu, IBM, Bay Technologies and Unisys.

Jason Chase

Development Lead and Solution Architect
Career: Software Engineer, Government IT Specialist

Jason is a software engineer with 25 years experience, skilled in IT Strategy, Solution Architecture, .NET Core, Web technologies and Agile Methodologies. He is an advocate of value-driven methodologies such as Kanban and a strong focus on CI/CD automation.

Jason has been responsible for scaling the legacy COMtrac system into a cloud architecture.


COMtrac launched in May 2013 as a unique investigation management system that reduces legal and administrative risks associated with investigations and inspections.

Our design was proven to eliminate upwards of 50% of the administrative burden of investigations doubling the capability and capacity of agency front-line services.

We were then recognised and patented as an innovative invention to the ‘art of investigation management.’

COMtrac had been implemented by Commonwealth and State based law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Our Achievements



Certified (and annually audited) with International accreditation for Information Security Management


Australian Government Digital marketplace

Listed on the Australian Government Digital Transformation Agency  as a cloud capable seller


ACSC Essential 8

Australian Cyber Security Centre Essential 8 Mitigation Strategy Complaint


Microsoft Partner

Approved by Microsoft as IP Co-sell Ready

Take Your Investigations to the Next Level

COMtrac provides a custom workflow built specifically for investigations. We automate and accelerate your investigations, using a highly secure and scalable platform. COMtrac automatically generating your digital brief of evidence and investigative outputs. Our customers report saving 34.5% on investigation timelines.

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