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There is a reason why Commonwealth agencies use COMtrac. COMtrac’s software allows you to manage large, often protracted, cases more efficiently and effectively. Designed by a team with extensive Commonwealth, intelligence, software engineering and investigation experience, our software is designed and configured to meet the specific needs of your agency.

COMtrac has facilitated over 250,000 investigations globally. 

Support Investigators as they Navigate Complex Legislation

Commonwealth investigations are highly specialised. COMtrac automatically pre-populates the elements of a case that need to be proven. The user-friendly interface allows additional case elements to be added as required, thereby solidifying the strength of the case. It facilitates the easy navigation of the complexities of cross-jurisdiction legislation and lawful sharing of information. The software ensures your investigative report or output surpasses legislative requirements.

Capture and Consolidate all Case Details

Many case management systems are simply a repository for case details. COMtrac goes further by customising the investigative workflow and automatically generating an investigation report. With increased transparency and investigator accountability, COMtrac significantly reduces the time and costs spent building the investigation report. Using COMtrac supports your team in meeting tight deadlines.

Build Your Investigations as You Go

COMtrac’s software provides high-level insights and strategic direction for your investigations. The design builds redundancy into your investigations, as well as highlighting critical information gaps. Save over 50% of your investigators time by automating the administrative functions of an investigation.

The Rise of Digital Briefs and Virtual Courts

Ready to increase efficiency and improve the quality of your investigations?

With COMtrac as your investigation partner, you can increase your front-line capacity while resting assured COMtrac is by your side as your partner helping strengthen results, reducing risk and improving the overall quality of your investigations.

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"COMtrac is completely revolutionising Investigation Agencies by making the Investigation process efficient and consistent. Our customers achieve high quality outcomes for their stakeholders in every investigation"