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COMtrac provides an investigation and brief management system to streamline investigations in an innovative environment, using proven and endorsed technology.

COMtrac provides an investigation, evidence and brief management software to streamline investigations in an innovative environment, using proven and endorsed technology.

Regardless of your agency type, industry or scale of your organisation, COMtrac can help you streamline your investigations.

COMtrac has facilitated over 200,000 investigations.

We help agencies gain direction, streamline investigations and increase productivity of the evidence and brief management process through automation and the guidance of an experienced partner.

The Case Management Mirage

The Case Management Mirage

Many of today’s law enforcement and regulatory agencies face the challenge of maintaining capacity and capability within an environment of increasing complexity, uncertainty and diminishing resources.

The Rise of Digital Briefs and Virtual Courts

The Rise of Digital Briefs and Virtual Courts

The concept of digital briefs and virtual courts has been widely discussed by government agencies, law enforcement and litigation firms for years. COMtrac’s CEO, Craig Doran discusses how COVID-19 accelerated this transformation.

Ready to increase investigation efficiency and improve the quality of your reports and outcomes?


With COMtrac as your investigation partner, you are able to increase your front line capacity while resting assured COMtrac is by your side as your partner helping strengthen results, reducing risk and improving the overall quality of your investigations. At a glance, COMtrac:

  • Generates an element based investigation plan
  • Real-time analysis of the evidentiary state of investigations
  • Self-generating digital brief of evidence
  • Automatically prepares investigator witness statements
  • Stores and manages evidence
  • Maps investigative activity to lawful authority
  • Identifies evidence shortfalls and potential defences
  • Maps evidence to offences, elements and proofs of the offences, breaches, matters or incidents under investigation
  • Contains prosecutors analytical tool
  • Generates business intelligence for regulatory reporting

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