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We asked COMtrac customers to talk about the benefits they experience every day while managing their investigations. Read these client testimonials. 

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The COMtrac system has provided my team/branch with a central point to store information and intelligence of all allegations on environmental compliance and has streamlined our assessment and investigation process….

Department of Agriculture

COMtrac’s unique approach to elementising offences is integral to our investment in building the capabilities required to support our compliance and enforcement activities, making us leaders in HVNL investigations and compliance undertakings.

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator

COMtrac has saved us time and money by streamlining our investigation and reporting process.


A market leading investigation management system proven to be reliable and consistent, with a strong customer focus.


Only COTS platform in the market that mirrors the essential investigation management criteria required by the Australian Government Standards for Investigations.


Elementising Evidence™ has provided a rigor to their investigations that was not there before.

Vanuatu Police Force

Delivers efficiencies by generating briefs of evidence and Elementising Evidence™.

NSW Resource Regulator

Investigators worldwide have trusted COMtrac’s Elementising Evidence™ methodology to deliver over 250,000 high-quality, streamlined investigations. Book a demo to learn more.

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