NSW Resources & Energy

02 November 2013

The Environment & Sustainability Unit (ESU) within NSW Resources and Energy launch COMtrac as their investigation management system (IMS). COMtrac will be implemented to manage investigations into breaches of Mining and Petroleum legislation administered by the ESU.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring that all exploration, mining and petroleum operations meet strict contemporary standards for environmental management. The Environmental Sustainability Unit is uniquely placed within NSW Trade & Investment – Division of Resources & Energy (DRE) to advance the standard of environmental management for exploration, petroleum and mining activities in NSW.

COMtrac is set to improve regulatory performance around key responsibilities of the Environment and Sustainability Unit including;

  • Promoting compliance through site inspections, audits (both mandatory and voluntary) and regular reporting;
  • Investigating complaints and environmental incidents;
  • Taking appropriate enforcement action for non-compliances; and
  • Coordinating regulatory activities with other relevant government departments and agencies

Ready to increase efficiency and improve the quality of your investigations?


With COMtrac as your investigation partner, you are able to increase your front line capacity while resting assured COMtrac is by your side as your partner helping strengthen results, reducing risk and improving the overall quality of your investigations.

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